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Types of Care

Your loved one has very specific needs and wants. That's why The Home Team takes every step necessary to develop an individualized care plan to not only meet the needs of your loved one, but also to help them enjoy the time they spend with their Home Team caregiver. We personally match your loved one with a caregiver who has the appropriate skills, personality and interests to provide both care and friendship. To the right are types of care that we offer. Your needs may fit into one of these categories, or you may need some combination of them. Our trained staff will develop a personalized plan of care for your family member. Whether your loved one needs care temporarily or permanently, once a week or 24/7, we are here for you and your family.


All of our caregivers are CPR certified, have regular background checks, and have been through extensive training to learn how to care The Home Team way. When appropriate, all licensing has been checked and every caregiver is given a skills assessment by our on-staff Registered Nurse before entering clients' homes. We believe care is a team effort, so many of our new caregivers even shadow our experienced team members before caring on their own. Our staff, both caregivers and administrative, believe in continually educating ourselves in best practice. We work as a team to provide the most caring and qualified professionals to serve your loved one in the best possible place: home.